Sega Dreamcast
Game TITLE Rating Downloads
Sonic Adventure 2 The Trial 3.8/5 1,874
Ecco The Dolphin Defender Of The Future 5/5 1,861
Sega GT 4/5 1,795
Blue Stinger 4.3/5 1,783
AirForce Delta 4.5/5 1,736
GigaWing 2 4.3/5 1,720
Crazy Taxi 3.7/5 1,719
Shenmue 4.8/5 1,699
Spawn In The Demon's Hand 3.8/5 1,698
Record Of Lodoss War 5/5 1,691
Capcom Vs. SNK Millennium Fight 2000 4/5 1,664
Toy Commander 4.1/5 1,650
Seaman 3.6/5 1,649
Fushigi No Dungeon Fuurai No Shiren Gaiden Onna Kenshi Asuka Kenzan 3/5 1,597
Sega Rally 2 4.8/5 1,580
NFL 2K2 0/5 1,569
Death Crimson OX 5/5 1,562
Space Channel 5 4.1/5 1,552
Phantasy Star Online 4.9/5 1,546
Street Fighter Zero 3 Saikyo ryu Dojo 3.3/5 1,545


Dreamcast was launched in Japan towards the end of 1998 and entered the United States and Western Europe at the tail end of 1999.

This console came with an in-built 4 controller port (the first to come with such) and it was the first to come with hardware that made it possible to play games online. The Dreamcast came equipped with an in-built 56kb modem. Sega later introduced a broadband adapter to serve as replacement for the modem.

The system made use of a disc format called GDRom, which according to adverts could hold as large as one gigabyte of info on one disc. The Dreamcast’s operating system was a ported form of the Microsoft Windows CE.

Despite having some great hardware in the market and some amazing titles, Sega could not compete with the likes of Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony in the hardware department. So, Sega stopped producing Dreamcast in March 2001. They however developed and released software for about a year after this before they abandoned the entire project. We have gathered a great list of Sega Dreamcast ROMs available for download on our website. Play any of the DC ISOs with the help of emulator software which can also be found here.

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