Few remember, but the first PlayStation console was introduced to the world in 1994. Initially, it was conceived as a product not for gaming industry, but for training purposes - Sony experts developed all sorts of encyclopaedic programs, thematic lectures, tests and tasks. However, this debut project was immediately recognized as the best example of a game console.

First games that were released on CDs attracted attention of many gamers with 3D-graphics, as well as the ability to save the progress and continue the video game after switching off the device. For this purpose, a special PlayStation Memory Cards were provided.

Released in 2000, PS One already had the ability to connect to the LCD screen, had a compact size and was compatible with all video games released for PlayStation. The model acquired a logical interface of the main menu with the management of flash memory and disk drive, as well as excellent protection for the time. The disks for PS One were original, without the possibility of copying them. The location of the motherboard was changed, the connection of old microcontrollers became impossible. However, the technological progress is ruthless and all of the PlayStation games were ported into PSX ISOs and PS1 ROMs. Here, you can find the most popular PlayStation roms and download them for free to play on your devices, whether it is a PC, mobile phone or tablet.

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